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Snap Frames - 45º mitred corners

Product Description :

Snap Frames

Poster frames or ‘snap frames’ are a convenient and simple way of presenting posters and full colour prints.   They have an aluminium finish and produced to a very high standard and you won’t find a better quality or more convenient product on the market.  Alpha Displays are the sole Irish distributor for ‘Holland Snap Frame’, a worldwide leader in the point of sale and display world and have a constant supply in stock at all times.  Prices are extremely competitive and we are currently supplying a large number of clients throughout Ireland and the UK.


Are they easy to install?
Mounting the posters couldn’t be simpler; open the snap frame and remove the PVC sheet.  Then just place the poster in the frame, cover it with the transparent PVC sheet and close the snap frame. (The frames come standard with four mounting holes, screws and rawl plugs).

Are they suitable for outdoor use?
They can be used both indoors and indoors.  They don’t rust because they are constructed with aluminium, the backs are polypropylene and the front cover is PVC.  However it is preferable to put them in a place not exposed to open rain – e.g. under a canopy, cover, shelter etc.

Is the product waterproof?
No.  If it is exposed to heavy rain, water can get it and cause the ink to run on the poster.  The way to avoid this is to put the poster frame in a place not exposed to heavy rain or if you can’t do this you can laminate the poster.  If you wish, we could get the lamination done for you.

Is it easy to change the poster?
You’ll have them changed in no time.  The procedure is very fast and simple and the products themselves have a very attractive finish.  This is the whole idea and benefit of the Snap Frame Range. 

The frames are on spring hinges which simply snap open and you can change the poster with another in 5 seconds.  You won’t find a more convenient product on the market!

Are they available in different colours?
We supply a silver anodised finish only as the standard product.  However, if you require a different colour we would do this in volume, (Approx 25+ units) as it would be prohibitive to do it for smaller volumes.

15mm UCN155N0A5 A5 148 x 210
15mm UCN155N0A4 A4 210 X 297
25mm UCN255N0A4 A4 210 x 297
30mm UCN305N0A3 A3 297 x 420
30mm UCN305N0A2 A2 420 x 594
30mm UCN305N0A1 A1 594 x 841
32mm UCN325N0A0 A0 1189 x 841

 45º mitred corners


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