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Fixing Clamps and Springs

Product Description :

Fixing Clamps

Fixgrip instant clip-on eyelets eliminate the need for hems and traditional eyelets!  Perfect for the digital signa maker or to simplify banner mounting.  Fixgrip fits in an instant, without tools and enhances the finished banner.

  • potential to eliminate hems and traditional eyelets
  • sign maker prints the banner and then supplies end user with Fixgrip
  • Total control over positioning and numbers used
  • Great holding power on most substrates
  • Re-usable
  • Available in the following colours: white, black, blue, yellow, red and green


Fixgrip Clamp Fix-white White
1 box = 250 pieces Fix-black Black
  Fix-blue Blue
  Fix-yellow Yellow
  Fix-red Red
  Fix-green Green
    MEAS (mm)
Springs (Elastic spinner) Span10cm 100 mm
1 box = 250 pieces Span25cm 250 mm

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