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Product Description :


VisuaLite is the shining light in the illuminated point of sale market; using an innovative technology your message will be displayed more brightly than ever before.  With its slimline and lightweight structure, Visualite can be displayed in store windows, on exhibition stands, or hanging from ceilings.

Alpha Displays Ltd. have experienced great success with the Visualite range  and are constantly looking to improve its methods of making the products more convenient and attractive to its clients.  The company has recently introduced the more user-friendly ‘snap frame’ Visualite units and today has contracts with a whole range of clients in Ireland and throughout Europe.

Benefits of the Visualite Range

Here are a number of benefits of the Visualite units over the more traditional standard fluorescent products:

1.  A fluorescent lamp looses approximately 40% of its brightness within three months and only lasts for between 7 and 10,000 hours. 

2.  Our products are 30% brighter than the best fluorescent products on the market, last approximately 30,000 hours - about three times longer than competitors products and don’t fade.

3.  The illumination lights evenly over the whole surface of the unit and this helps to highlight every detail of the product or advertisement catching your attention immediately.

30mm VIS30A3 A3 297 x 420
30mm VIS30A2 A2 420 x 594
30mm VIS30A1 A1 594 x 841
32mm VIS30A0 A0 1189 x 841

More Product Pictures

For more information please contact info@alphadisplays.net