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1.  Are the units suitable for outdoors?

2.  Can the product be secured to the wall or will it have its own stand?

3.  How safe are your products?

4.  What are the main benefits of Visualite over fluorescent lightboxes?

5.  What is Availability and Range?

6.  What is Visualite?

What is Visualite?

Visualite illuminated displays are ultra thin light boxes that are based on a new and innovative technology.  The outside panel is a Light Guide Plate and is clear acrylic with a very smooth surface.  The unit frames are on spring hinges which simply snap open and you can change the poster with another in 5 seconds.  You simply plug in the unit and in just a few seconds your display will light up to show an extremely bright sharp and clear image.

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What are the main benefits of Visualite over fluorescent lightboxes?

1. A fluorescent lamp looses approximately 40% of its brightness within three months and only lasts for between 7 and 10,000 hours. 

2. Our products are 30% brighter than the best fluorescent products on the market, last approximately 30,000 hours - about three times longer than competitors products and don’t fade.

3. The illumination lights evenly over the whole surface of the unit and this helps to highlight every detail of the product or advertisement catching your attention immediately.

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What is Availability and Range?

Each product is made to an exceptionally high standard and comes in a selection of sizes – A3, A2, A1, and A0 all designed to match your exact requirements.  As the displays are manufactured at our local assembly plant we are able to guarantee very short lead times.

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Can the product be secured to the wall or will it have its own stand?

Due to their size and weight, Visualite products can be wall-mounted, window-mounted or be part of a stand-alone unit.           

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Are the units suitable for outdoors?

Visualite is not suitable for outdoors as the units are 12 volt DC with an external power supply.  This unit has the regulatory approval for indoor use only.  What a lot of our existing customers do is place the Visualite unit on their shop displays facing out.  This protects the unit from any potential damage and there is no loss of effectiveness whatsoever.

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How safe are your products?

Unlike many competitors who have the mains coming straight in, our products are extremely safe and have passed all CE testing, which is the safety mark for Europe.  We have all the testing done and all the paperwork and documentation to show.  We use a 12 Volt DC unit which makes the product much safer than many competing products.



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